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Flower Fruit Essential Oil Water-soluble Relieve Stress For Humidifier Aroma Diffuser Fragrance Lamp Air Freshening Aromatherapy

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    Aromatherapy Water-soluble Oil Aromatherapy Suitable For Humidifier 10ml


    • 10ml water soluble aromatic oil, no additives, no fillers, soluble in water, can be dropped into water for mixed use.

    • Suitable for aromatherapy oil, diffuser oil, humidifier oil, oil burner, spa and air purifier

    • Each oil comes with a 10 ml amber brown bottle. This will keep the oil fresh and help prevent photodegradation

    • Different fragrances to meet your needs.

    • It is specially used for humidifier, aromatherapy lamp, aromatherapy machine, etc.

    • It can stress, nervous system, make you better, and also can clean the air.


    Content: 10ml

    Fragrance: sandalwood, lavender, cherry blossom, ocean, jasmine, lemon rose, lily, citronella, rose, freesia, green tea, rosemary, white tea, sweet orange, mint, eucalyptus (optional)

    How to best use these oils:

    • There are many ways to use our oil, here are just some of them

    • Oil Burners – One of the most popular methods is to use them with oil burners. Add a few drops to your oil burner to produce a lasting and beautiful fragrance. You can also mix the oil to create your own smell.

    • Bath – Add a few drops of our oil to your bath solution to create a heavenly natural fragrance, and it has proved to be an efficient way to make full use of oil.

    • Massage – Our oil is very thick, so please do not use it directly on the skin. Add a few drops of carrier oil (such as grape seed oil), and then massage it to your forehead, neck, back, feet or other affected areas. The effect is very good.

    • Make Your Own – Many of you like to make your own soap, candles, and beauty products, and these oils are perfect. They are therapeutic, natural, and all come from China, making them the ideal choice for your creative to make your own products.

    • Other – In addition to the above, other popular methods include diffuser, night time, meditation, car air freshener and steam/sauna.

    Do not apply directly on the skin; Always dilute with carrier oil.

    Package Included:

    • 1 X 10 ml Oil.

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