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6PCS/8PCS/9PCS Artificial Flower Rattan Reed Fragrance Aroma Diffuser Refill Stick DIY Floral

R192.57 R226.59
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    1 # 9PCS/Set: the diameter of the ball type is 1.6cm,and the total length is 22.5cm; The diameter of carnation flower head is 5.5 cm,and the total length is 21 cm; The total length of the screw rod is 24cm,and the length of the screw head is 5cm.
    2 # 6PCS/Set: the diameter of the ball type is 1.5cm,and the total length is 25cm; The total length of 2-head screw is 25cm,and the length of screw head is 5cm; The total length of wave type is 25cm,and the length of screw head is 8cm
    3 # 6PCS/Set: the total length of cane is 23cm,the diameter of flower is 2.6cm,and the diameter of small cane ball is 1.5cm
    4 # 6PCS/Set: flower head diameter 6CM,total length 22CM,cane ball diameter 1.5CM,total length 20CM,total length 26CM
    5 # 6PCS/Set: cane ball diameter 3CM flower head diameter 4CM total length 21CM
    6 # 6PCS/Set: flower head diameter 5cm,total length 23cm,total length 20cm,total length 26cm
    7 # 6PCS/Set: flower head diameter 4.5cm,total length 22cm,total length 27cm,total length 20cm
    8 # 8PCS/Set: flower head diameter 4.5CM,total length 23CM,total length 21CM,diameter 3MM
    9 # 5PCS/Set: flower head diameter 4.5CM,total length 23CM,total length 21CM,diameter 3Mm
    10 # 9PCS/Set: flower head diameter 5.5 cm,total length 24 cm,total length 26 cm,rattan ball diameter 3 cm
    11 # 6PCS/Set: flower head diameter 4CM,total length 20CM,rattan ring size 25CM,total length
    12 # 8PCS/Set: flower head diameter 5cm,total length 22cm,total length 27cm,rattan ball diameter 3mm



    5/6/8/9pcs Aromatherapy stick


    1. Due to the light and screen difference,the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
    2. Please allow 0.5-2 cm differences due to manual measurement.

    3.Thank you for your kindly understanding.

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