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Women's Classic Lapel Mid Length Trench Coat Stylish Double-Breasted Overcoat Slim Dress Jacket with Belt Windproof

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    【Style descriptions】

    1.the fabric is moderately waterproof, cotton content 65% cotton. 35% polyvinyl acetate. Breathable and comfortable

    2. this trench coat for the slim fit , regular sleeve type

    3.the length of the coat length for the medium-length models. For reference only: height 165 try on Size M , long to mid-thigh

    4.This data was obtained from manually measuring the product,it may be off by 1-2 cm.

    【Laundry Precautions】

    1. the trench coat focus on the shape of the brace, do not wash machine stirring recommended gentle hand washing, natural vertical drainage, avoid exposure to the sun2, the first hand wash washing will have a slight color floating, it is recommended that light salt cold water washing, can be effectively avoided. (Be sure to wash in cold water)

    3、n order to better maintain the trench coat,please Do not soak! Please Quick wash .

    4、If possible, we recommend sending it to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning.

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