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Silk Half High Neck Knitwear Women's Mulberry Silk Cashmere Blended Fine Pit Strip Slim Fitting Elastic Sweater Base Coat

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  • Description

    Fabric: silk cashmere
    Composition: 70% natural mulberry silk, 15% Cashmere, 15% spandex.

    See the end of the details page for the cleaning method and Notice.


    The fabric is made of natural silkworm silk and cashmere. It is compatible with the soft luster, moisture absorption,  breathability, lightness and smoothness of real silk fiber, as well as the fine, light, soft and toughness of cashmere fiber. It is most suitable for personal wear.


    Cleaning method:

    1. Silk cashmere clothes can be washed. Hand cleaning and dry cleaning are acceptable. Do not rub hard when washing by hand.

    2. When washing, choose wool detergent. If not, choose a mild detergent. Turn the sweater inside out and wash it.

    2. Before washing pure wool sweaters, soak them for a while, and then gently scrub them.

    3. Lay it flat and dry it in the shade. Pay attention not to expose it to the sun and hang it, otherwise the cashmere sweater will be deformed and discolored.


    4.Sweater fabric has not been specially treated and will pilling after a long time, which is caused by the floating wool of the fabric.

    For cleaning precautions, see the end of the details page.

    5.Avoid rubbing clothes against hard objects.

    6. It is normal for dark sweater to fade or shrink slightly after washing.

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