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RFID 2.4Ghz Anti-hijacking Wireless Car Immobilizer System With Accelerometer Sensor 5 Meters Sensing Range

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    What is car Immobilizer?

    This immobilizer system is a new generation of car security system, which not only prevents the car jacking in a covert way, but also prevent the injury to the car owners.
This immobilizer system could install on any kinds of vehicles while without destroy the original electrical system of vehicles. It is very convenient and perfect design, it is easy to install, and it is very difficult for a thief to find out an alarm system like this model which had been installed in the vehicle, as the driver no need to make any operation like normal car alarm, just only need to put the key within the valid communication range 3-5 meters. If the car have installed another car alarm with engine start function, this immobilizer system also can work very well to cooperate with another alarm system.


    When the Immobilizer smart key is within the range of 3-5 meters, the system will be activated. A melody sound will chirp and the LED flashing from the key to confirm the communication between the Key and brain is successful. If the key is out of the valid range 5 meters and the engine have started for 5-7 seconds, the system will alarm max.10 seconds continuously, and furthermore, the alarming sound will be more faster and faster in last 5 seconds to warn the driver that the car engine will be cut off., if your car will stop moving within alarming period, the system will not die off, but if the car still moving, the system die off immediately.


    Nature of the product:Anti-hijacking
    1.Alarming Function;
    3.Code Learning Mode;
    4.Password setting mode;
    5.Service Mode;
    6.Anti-Hijacking disable;
    7.Remote Control low voltage detect;

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