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RC 3S 4S 6S Waterproof LED Strip Light Controller For Rc Drone / Rc airplane

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    According to the selected lithium battery, the corresponding parameters are selected. It is divided into 3S/4S/6S (4S) interface.
    RC LED multi-function controller.
    Multi-axis / fixed-wing night flight, night flight is cool / radiant.
    Multi-axis direction identification, can connect four LEDs at the same time.
    Easy to connect, directly plug in any free channel of the receiver to easily control the LED strip.
    Directly connected to the power balance, no additional power supply.
    A variety of control modes make the flight shine.

    Working voltage: 12V/14.8V/22.2V
    Connection method: the signal line is inserted into the receiver, the JST head is connected to the LED light strip, and then the lithium battery balance charging interface is inserted, and the LED four-way is fully illuminated.
    Working mode: pull the corresponding channel of the remote control
    First time: LED lights flashing before, after, left and right
    The second time: LED lights flash alternately before and after and left and right
    Third time: LED light goes out
    Fourth time: LED lights up again, repeating the cycle


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