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Plus Size S-7XL Running Athletics Compression Sleeves Leg Calf Men 30-40mmHg Toeless Stockings Medical Varicose Veins Sock

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  • Description


    Product Name: Compression Calf Sleeves

    Material: 70% Nylon 30% Spandex


    Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL/4XL/5XL/6XL/7XL

    Pressure Grade:  Ⅲ. 34-46mmHg


    • Four-way stretchability, high durability and providing

    • optimum comfort and satisfaction.

    • Extra calf and shin support + enhanced warm-up

    • Reduced muscle fatigue & shock

    • absorption on sports.

    • Increased leg power and vertical jump power

    Wear Instructions:

    Step1. Place thumbs inside hosiery and gather material.

    Step2. Slip each foot inside hosiery and gradually pull up and over heel.

    Step3. Adjust heel for comfortable fit.

    Step4. Gently slide hosiery up each leg and smooth out wrinkle.

    Which Level to choose?

    First level 15-21 mmHg): It is suitable for health prevention in people. For example, teachers, traffic police, nurses, doctors, beauticians, shopping guides, etc., and these socks are also suitable for early symptoms, such as venous vessels with slight Lower limb, standing times too long that feeling Soreness

    Level 2 (23-32mmHg): For those who have obvious symptoms in the lower limbs and are accompanied by leg discomfort (such as sore limbs, fatigue, swelling and eczema, cramps, tingling, pigmentation, etc.), phlebitis, pregnant, after saphenous vein excision, and deep vein thrombosis syndrome.

    Level 3 (34-46mmHg): Suitable for people with high swelling, darkened skin, and irreversible lymphedema.

    Please follow the doctor’s advice when purchasing pressure levels. The following scope of application is for reference only

    *Size Note:

    Because these support socks are narrower than normal stockings, you could order one size larger if they belong to the following cases:

    1. Between two sizes;

    2. First time wearing compression stockings,

    3. Want more comfortable to wear.

    * If you don’t know how to choose the size, please contact us.

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