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Original ENCHEN Hair Trimmer For Men Kids Cordless USB Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Cutter Machine With Adjustable Comb

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  • Description

    We will take out the lubricant to ensure the security check

    Please don’t worry, we will smear enough oil on it before delivery to ensure your normal use. If you find that you need to add oil later, you can use mechanical oil or lubricating oil instead

    📢📢📢The plastic bag containing the data cable may be damaged during the process of taking out the oil bottle. If you mind, please don’t place an order. Thank you very much.

    Main Features:

    One Button Locks the Length of the Haircut
    ● Features a slider-type positioning comb that locks haircut lengths from 0.7 – 21mm and supports one-button adjustment for easy operation

    Nano Ceramic Cutter Head
    ● The hardness of nano-ceramics is 1.6 times that of ordinary stainless steel. When the hair clipper is running at high speed, the noise generated by the ceramic cutter head will be lower

    Two Speed Control
    ● Adopts frequency conversion technology, and with the powerful motor, it provides two-speed power flexible switching to meet the needs of different hair types

    ESM Intelligence Prevent Stuck Hair
    ● It has two large modules of energy management and motor mastering, which can guarantee high-speed operation and no stuck hair when the battery is low

    R Type Rounded Corner Processing
    ● The parts that contact the skin with the cutter head and the positioning comb are rounded to ensure safety and comfort during the hair cutting

    Brand: ENCHEN
    Material: ABS
    Color: Black, White
    Net Weight: 142g
    Size: 43 x 164 mm
    Power: 5W
    Voltage: 5V
    Charging Time: 90 Minutes
    Power Supply: USB Charging

    Package Includes:

    1 X Hair Clipper
    1 X USB Charging Cable
    1 X User Manual
    1 X Brush
    There is possible no oil bottle,if you have questions please contact us before order

    ENCHEN Hair Clipper, Haircut Is So Simple

    One button operation | Two speed control | Ultra low noise | Smart fast charge

    Suitable For Everyone

    Baby, young people, old people can use it, Let you no longer worry about haircuts, and easily give a satisfactory shape

    One Button Lock Haircut Length, No Technical Haircut Is Easy

    The Boost hair clipper is des 0.7-21mm and supports one-button adjustment. It can be pushed gently when changing the length. It does not need to change the positioning comb frequently. The control is minimal, even if there is no Anyone with a haircut experience can easily get started, adjust the length of the haircut you want, and cut it directly.

    0.7-21mm Haircut length one button adjustment

    Nano Ceramic Cutter Head, Ultra Low Noise Smooth Speed Shear

    The hardness of nano-ceramics is 1.6 times that of ordinary stainless steel, and the surface smoothness is much smaller than that of stainless steel. Therefore, when the hair clipper is running at a high speed, the ceramic cutter head generates less noise and is less prone to heat. The working noise is less than 55db, which is much lower than the GB standard 70db.

    Variable Frequency Power, Soft And Dense, Easy To Deal With Different Hair Types

    The application of frequency conversion technology on the Boost hair clipper, combined with the powerful 280-type motor, provides two-speed power to switch flexibly to meet the needs of different hair types. The normal starting speed is 4500 rpm, which is suitable for long hair extension. The key can instantly activate the “Turbo” speed mode, with a powerful output of 5800 rpm, which makes it easy to trim thick hair and avoid the embarrassment of the card.

    Esm Smart Anti-card Issue, Double Protection Energy Efficiency Multiplication

    ESM (Energy Smart Manager) intelligent integrated circuit system is the “brain” of the product. It includes two modules of energy management and motor master control to ensure high-speed operation without low-power, during charging. ESM will initiate multiple guarantees to extend battery life and ensure safe charging. In addition, Boost’s indicator system is also a credit for ESM. When low battery, charging, and full power, it will accurately display the status to the user.

    R Type Rounded Corner Processing, Skin Contact Is Safe And Worry Free

    The parts of the blade and the positioning comb that contact the skin, Boost are rounded to ensure the safety and comfort of the hair cutting process. The hair cutter head consists of a movable knife and a static knife. The dynamic and static knife is matched with strict safety design and testing, so that the hair cutter can safely contact the cutter head at any angle when working.

    Charging for 1 hour, Use for 3 months

    Boost supports fast charging, charging up to 90% of electricity in 1 hour, then switching to smart trickle charging, and charging to full power in 1.5 hours. 1 hour fast charge can be used for more than 80 minutes (full power can last for 90 minutes), a single haircut is calculated for half an hour, Boost-charge can be used for 3 months.

    TYPE-C USB interface, Use while charging

    The hair clipper supports plug and play, and half of it can be used without power. Boost uses the TYPE-C interface common to most mobile phones. The USB port can be powered by a common device such as a charging treasure, a computer, or a USB socket.

    Customer questions & answers

    ① Question: Is this clipper completely waterproof? Can I use it for body grooming in the shower?
    ① Answer: Hello, no, the blade can be washed with water, but the machine body can’t be washed with water, you can use it for body grooming in the shower.

    ② Question: Anyone know where I can find the charging cored if I lost it?
    ② Answer: The charging cord is a normal USB type c cable. You can use any type c cable.

    ③ Question: Does this product still come with blade oil?
    ③ Answer: Yes, Lubricant oil included in hair clipper kit.

    ④ Question: Is this a Xiaomi product?
    ④ Answer: This product is xiaomi ecological chain brand Named ENCHEN, shipping without Xiaomi package and there is no any xiaomi logo on the product. Thanks for your understanding.

    ⑤ Question: Does this plug into a regular electric outlet or just usb?
    ⑤ Answer: Hello, you can use a usb cable to charge it, just like charging a cell phone.

    ⑥ Question: Is this trimmer ok for a beard?
    ⑥ Answer: Yes, it’s not super sharp but it’ll get the job done.

    What is the Warranty?

    1. This product’s warranty covers after-sales service for orders from our Store.
    2. If you received faulty manufacture goods, you can get a new product for free with no shipping fee and no need to return the faulty original.
    3. This warranty lasts 1 year.
    Example: If a product order generation date is January 1, 2021, the warranty period will end on December 31, 2021.
    4. Please apply for warranty before leaving negative comments. Your feedback is important to us, but we request you give us the opportunity to rectify any faults and make your experience more positive.
    5. The warranty will be voided and a user may be backlisted if they are found to have deliberately destroyed goods or to have provided false information.

    How to Guarantee the Warranty?

    1. After receiving the shipment, please take an unboxing video to confirm the status of the package.
    2. If you have received faulty manufacture goods, please take detailed pictures and videos of the product in operation, and send them to our after-sales team’s mailbox: zm@qiaosports.com.
    3. Email requirements: Write your order number and user name as the title, and then upload videos and pictures, and describe the problem in detail.
    4. For the fastest response, please also inform us in the chat box after you have emailed us.
    5. After confirming your e-mail, our professional technicians will check your videos and assess the problem. After confirmation, we will help you solve the problem or will fill the warranty.
    6. We will inform you of the result of our assessment the day after receiving your videos, except on holidays.
    7. The after-sales mailbox: zm@qiaosports.com

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