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News Fashion Men's MOTO GP Motorcycle Enthusiast Riding Pants Drawstring Pants Hot Sale Men Jogging Pants Extreme Sports Bottoms

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    Dear buyer
    The goods in our store will be measured 1-2CM smaller than the size you see, So we have listed the plan for reference
    XS-height 150-155CM, weight 40-45KG
    S-height 156-160CM, weight 46-55KG
    M-height 159-166CM, weight 56-62KG
    L-height 165-169CM, weight 63-70KG
    XL height 168-175CM, weight 71-80KG
    2XL height 173-177CM, weight 79-90KG
    3XL height 176-181CM, weight 91-100KG
    4XL height 180-186CM, weight 101-108KG
    5XL height 185-190CM, weight 105-110KG
    6XL height 190-195CM, weight 109-115KG
    There is no detailed introduction of children’s size, You can measure children’s size according to European size, Buy according to the size your child needs

    Our products:
    1: Product quality: we use mesh cloth, beach cloth, comfortable wireless
    2: Product handling method: It is recommended not to wash with a washing machine
    3: Whether the product picture is the same as the real object: 91% same
    4: Whether to support custom styles: yes. We allow custom styles and require you to contact the store actively.
    5: The product is suitable for the crowd: adults, pro-juveniles, middle-aged, elderly.

    Our logistics uses:
    The platform is worry-free logistics. The delivery is expected to take 3-5 days, and it will take two weeks to arrive at your hands. The logistics issues are introduced below.
    1: Whether the logistics will arrive successfully —— we will definitely arrive.
    2: Logistics costs: The logistics costs we take are regular costs, and we are in some countries. Countries that cannot be shipped are remote from us, and you need to pay for the freight yourself.
    3: Logistics speed: The logistics generally arrives in your hands in two weeks, and it will be slower in remote areas, but it will also arrive in a month.
    4: For disputes over logistics issues, we use the docking with logistics. If we do not receive it, we will pay for it. You can check whether it has been successfully received. If the goods are received but the dispute is on the grounds that they have not been received, we use the refusal to pay. We have recorded the logistics details.

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