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Home Alarm Wireless WIFI 4G Home Security Alarm System For Tuya APP With Pet Motion Sensor Smoke Detector Gas Securiti Alarm

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    PG-103 WIFI TUYA GSM(4G) Alarm System:

    Product Features:

    The alarm is PG103 4G version, which is a key alarm, and it is used with WIFI and SIM cards.

    WIFI provides network functions, SIM cards provide call and SMS functions.

    The alarm supports 10 languages, namely Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek.

    1. This alarm is to install a sensor on the window or door. If you open the door or window, it will trigger the alarm, send a loud alarm, and send a text message through the smart life app to inform you. If you put the SIM card in the alert, it will call you the voice call.

    2. If the PIR movement sensor is installed in the need, it is the infrared sensor of the human body. When someone approaches, it will send a warning voice, and it will also send a text message and call you.

    3. If you install smoke detectors, carbon monitor detectors, and gas detectors, you will also notify you when fire and gas leakage.

    4. It has a lot of settings. You can set it to the mute mode when you go home, the alarm protection mode when you go out, and so on.

    5. You can also open the protection mode and revoke the protection mode remotely through the mobile app.


    If you have a pet in your home, you need a pet sports detector, please contact the customer service to recommend it.

    PG-103 :

    1. Built-in 10 languages, can switch freely
    2. Wifi+GSM networking, support APP push, voice monitoring and other channel alarm methods
    3. Support APP remote arming and disarming and parameter setting
    4. Up to 100 wireless detectors learn storage locations
    5. Support the name setting of 12 alarm types such as the main door and lobby
    6. Support multiple defense zone type settings such as outgoing defense zone, home defense zone, perimeter defense zone, 24-hour defense zone, etc.
    7.5 sets of preset alarm calls, set their SMS switch and voice switch respectively
    8. Support external wireless siren
    9. Defence zone renaming function

    Shopping Tips:

    1、Remote Areas Dispatch Fee:
    If you choose DHL and your address belongs to DHL remote areas ( you can check on DHL remote areas website), you are required to pay DHL remote areas dispatch fee 40USD.

    2、Quality Control:
    Before Shipping ,We will open the box to test the quality or install the software .
    If you need sealed box , pls leave message after paid .

    3、Refund & Repalcement & Warranty:
    Please inform us within 3 days of delivery once you meet any problem.
    Please return to us in original condition of the merchandise and send by EMS or Registered Postal for replacement or refund and let us know the tracking number soon.
    We will arrange the replacement or process refund for you as soon as we confirm the returne.


    1、 If there is any question about our product or service:
    Please be sure to contact our customer service staff first, we are very happy to help you. We will work hard to find the best solution until you are satisfied.
    Please don’t give us a bad evaluation, which does not help solve the problem.

    2、If you are satisfied with our products and services, please leave 5 stars. thank you for your support .

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