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Elecpow 130DB Wireless Door Window Entry Security Burglar Sensor Alarm PIR Magnetic Smart Home Garage System Remote Control Led

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    Elecpow 130DB Wireless Door Window Entry Security Burglar Sensor Alarm PIR Magnetic Smart Home Garage System Remote Control Led

    Note:We have a lot of stock, wholesalers can place orders with confidence. Customers who need other quantities can leave us a message, and we will give you a preferential price


    Volume: 130 dB

    Remote control distance: within 25m in open area

    Alarm battery: including 2PCS 1.5V batteries ( No. 7 )

    Selectable alarm sounds: “Ding Dong”, “Alarm Sound”, “Di Di”

    Multi mode connection: one remote controller can control multiple door magnetic alarms, and one

    door magnetic alarm can connect multiple remote controllers

    Usage mode of remote control:

    Volume Adjustment :Click volume “+” to increase the volume by one gear, and click volume “-” to decrease the volume by one gear :

    Light Reminder: When you press the remote control key, the LED will flash once, and the LED will always flash when giving an alarm

    Anti Theft Mode:Open the door and give an alarm for 30 seconds immediately, and close the door in time will give an alarm for 30 seconds

    Didi Mode: The door opens with a didi alarm sound to prevent valuables from theft

    Welcome Mode:The door magnet makes a “Ding Dong” sound when opening the door

    SOS Mode:When you encounter danger, press the emergency key and the door magnet will alarm immediately for 30 seconds

    Note: the spacer next to the battery should be removed during use

    The volume can be adjusted according to demand.

    Third gear volume adjustment, different volume prompt sounds correspond to different volume gears respectively.

    Any problem you worry about can be involved.

    Prevent thieves from stealing, children from opening doors and pets from opening windows.

    Energy Saving, Super Long Standby .

    The standby time is up to one year. It is powered by No. 7 battery, which is easy to buy and replace.

    Remote Control Door Window Alarm.

    Remote control remote switch, one key control, with SOS rescue function.

    High Decibel Alarm, Strong Deterrence.

    Built in high loudness alarm horn makes a harsh sound to strongly scare off thieves.

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