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Bluetooth Hearing Aids Rechargeable Wireless Mini Inner Ear Hearing Assist Invisible Sound Amplifier Ear Care Aid

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    Bluetooth Hearing Aids With Charger Box APP Adjustable Hearing Device Low Noise Invisible Sound Amplifier Ear Care Aid Audifonos

    Wireless bluetooth to listen to music, APP control to adjust the volume


    1.Noise Reduction

    2.Small And Easy To Carry

    3.USB Charging With Rechargeable Battery

    4.APP Control Volume – Different Scenes & Different Hz

    5.Left and right ears can be adjusted separately

    6.With bluetooth function, you can listen to songs and make calls

    7.1.5-2 hours charging time, 8 hours working time

    8.Touch 1 sec answer the phone,3 sec hang up the phone,5 sec reject the phone

    1.Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.
    2.Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.
    3.Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.
    4.If you hear a howling, check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage.
    5.Keep the ear plug clean
    6.Remove the battery if you don’t use it for long time.


    1 Charging Box、1 Pair Of Hearing Aids、3 Pairs Of In-Ear Tips、An Instruction Manual、A Usb Type-C Charging Cable

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