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Blockbuster {sang pu} striped aluminium 2022 mulberry silk silk short sleeve shirt men's leisure

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    Yun to spin printing sliver black mulberry silk silk short sleeve shirt of men’s leisure

    Fabric: 100% mulberry silk

    Size: L – 3 xl

                               bust                            shoulder                       length

    L,                        106 cm,                     43 cm ,                           70 cm,             suitable for 38 or 39 shirt at ordinary times

    XL,                     110 cm,                     45 cm ,                            71 cm,              suitable for 40 or 41 shirt at ordinary times

    XXL,                   118 cm,                    47 cm ,                             74 cm,              suitable for 42 or 43 shirt at ordinary times

    XXXL,                124 cm,                     49 cm ,                             75 cm,              suitable for 44 or 45 shirt at ordinary times

    Note: like loose point can choose a bigger size accordingly!!!!!!

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    Silk and health:

    Since ancient times, there are “silk silk Queen” of good reputation. In modern times, people give it a “healthy fiber”, “health care fiber” laudatory name. Therefore, the silk fiber health function is not any fiber can not be compared, alternative. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, contain amino acids of human skin with not much difference between. It is human “second skin” the laudatory name. To wear silk clothes, not only can prevent ultraviolet radiation, preventing harmful gas invasion, resistance to harmful bacteria, but also can enhance the surface activity of skin cells, promote skin cells the new supersedes the old. At the same time, has a good role of adjuvant therapy for some skin diseases. In addition, because of the special moisture absorption and permeability, and regulate body temperature, regulating the role of water.

    Pamper yourself, please enjoy complete real silk of luxury. This luxury is not the only on price, a silk shirt is not necessarily more expensive than a piece of cotton cloth, silk luxury is more a sense of touch, very smooth, very soft, requirement love carefully. I think the ideal life is about silk wrapped in silk scarves through the desert during the day, evening wear silk dress in the courtyard of the hotel and the person I love to dance, kick high heels throw themselves into the night of the silk quilt.

    Must wear mulberry silk underwear

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