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Beige Men's Suits For Beach Wedding Groom Tuxedos Prom Dinner Male Blazer 2 Pieces Best Man Groomsman Costumes

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    British Style Two Buttons Men Suits Slim Fit  Groom Tuxedos Notched Lapel Groomsmen Mens Wedding Suits

    High Quality high wool content Wool Blend men suit, not cheap chemical fiber men suit

    Two price:
    One This suit include: Jacket+Pants+Tie   For 93.99$.we make the suit 10days ,and give you ship then .The Ship Time Need dhl for 7-17days to get .EMS10-30days,china post air 30-90days to wait .So When You Order,You Must Know This.

    One This Men Suit Corsage Flower : Only one Men  Flower to put on your Chest For 15$.Corsage Size: about 8x12cm Wreath Size: about 9x11cm

    If you want to send the Wrist flower to your bride or bridemaids ,friend and so on ,you also can buy it from this link and write the buyer remark to us !!!!Also OURT

    Store sell Men Different Suits,Wedding Dress,Prom Dress,Wedding any decoration,any you want you also contact us freely!

    If you want the same tie for the picture shows,3$ for it .you can contact us online.


    ( A good suit must be fit as a glove,the only way to go to that is to custom-made according to your body measurements)


    Click the images to choose ties and pocket squares:  



    Click here to check our popular dress shirts:QQ20170907163447_



    Click here to check our popular dress suit 



    Click here to check our popular dress suit 1-30


    product Picture:


    Jacket Real Picture:



    Default design:

    • Button: 2 button For jacket 
    • Pocket: pocket
    • Collar: Notched Lapel
    • Back slit: Back vent
    • Pants: No waistband seam or single waistband seam

    Fabrics/Materials: wool blend

    Size: customized, made to measure, tailor made, custom made ( please provide the 20 body size measurements according to instructions below)

    Vest Back Can make As those colour:




    Flower Style,If you Like ,Tell Us Number:








    1 (6)11 (4)1 (7)1 (5)1 (1)1 (2)1 (3)

     (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

    00-1 (1)0-1 (2)

    Other Wool Tweed Colour:

    1-1 (1)_1-1 (2)_1-1 (3)_1-1 (4)_1-1 (5)_1-2_

    Examples of our suits:

    Dry clean only


    Examples of our suits:

    Why should you order from Store 61112?

    We focus exclusively on mens custom made clothing and we continue to offer the best for customers over the world:


    Tailored solution: we offer real customization for our customers: not only made to measure fitting suits, but also assistance for personalized design (styles, fabrics, color, lining), embroidery, tailored delivery, etc.

    Professionalism: our team consisted of senior tailors with more than 20 years experiences and senior designers with more than 15 years experiences. We care about details and understand that each custom made suit/tailcoat/shirt should be delicate for our customers.

    6-year experiences: we are trusted by very satisfied customers from more than 75 countries, especially for their important days of life: wedding. We feel very proud of this and will strive to offer better products and customer services.


    What customers say about us???


    – “I can not express how happy I am for this suit. It fits perfect. It feels excellent and the quality of the fabric is really good. Of all the 5 star feedbacks I have given here on JustKoala.com, Sara and this suit deserves them most. This is the best buy I have made here, and I will definitely order more. The service and shipping was also great. If you continue on this track, and don’t get sloppy, you will have a lot of satisfied customers. Dear Sara, thank you very much. ++++++++++ ”

    – “Very very nice seller. Good quality suit. Thank you very much.”

    – ” very neat package. fast delivery. suit sewn very carefully, did not expect such a high quality. I recommend to everyone.

    – “Excellent, great product the best!!! 

    – “Exelente. Todo perfecto

    – ……


    Our 3-step order process is very simple to follow:

    Step 1
    Step 1: Order and Submission of design specs & measurements


    Please submit (by sending messages) the following information according to instructions in 1.1 and 1.2,while you place the order. For large orders, you can also contact me to send the excel file.

    1.1 Color and designs:

    Color or fabrics (including details for pockets, lapels):

    • Jacket:
    • Pants:
    • Vest (if applicable):


    • Button:
    • Pocket:
    • Collar:
    • Back slit:
    • Pants:
    • Fitting level (slim / regular / loose):

    Gift tie and pocket squares:

    • Tie (click here to choose):
    • Pocket square (if applicable, click here to choose):

    1.2 Body size measurements

    (1) Neck Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (2) Shoulder Width: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (3) Sleeve Length: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (4) Bicep Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (5) Wrist Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (6) Bust Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (7) Jacket Waist / Stomach : __________ CM ( or inch )

    (8) Abdomen Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (9) Jacket Length: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (10) Waist Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (11) Hip Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (12) Trouser Rise: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (13) Thigh Circumference: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (14) Knee Size: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (15) Trouser Length: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (16) Your Height Without Shoes: __________ CM ( or inch )

    (17) Your Weight Without Shoes: __________ KGS ( or Pounds )

    (18) Your Body Form: A / B / C / D / E

    (19) Your Shoulder Form: A / B / C

    (20) Your Abdomen Form: A / B / C

    If possible, please also give us three body pictures, front, back and side which is very perfect for our tailor to know your body form and make perfect well-fitting suit for you.Please provide leg openning if you want super slim pants.

    1.1 Design specs

    1.1.1 Multiple choices for colors and fabrics (here are the most frequently used ones, please feel free to contact me for other colors or fabrics) :

    1.1.2 Style Customization Choices (Please contact me or send me pictures if you need special designs):






    (1) Customers design is welcome. You can give me detailed pictures of the men clothing you like. Then we can make the men suit according to the suit you like. We can custom made all kinds of men suits based on the detailed picture. Free charge to customize according to the above options or other simple adjustment.

    (2) Please note that due to limitations in photography and the inevitable difference in monitor/screen settings, the color shown in photograph may not correspond 100% to those in items themselves. There may be a slight color difference between the photograph and the finished men suit

    (3) Our tailors will make suits based mainly on your measurements, suits design and experiences, small adjustment will be made accordingly. 1~2 cm variation should be acceptable for customers purchasing this item. This variation doesn’t mean that the suit is defective or mis-shipped.


    1.2 Measurement

    Step (1.2.1): Preparing for measurement


    All the suits in our shop are custom made according to your body size measurements by our senior tailors.


    Important tips to have the right measurements:

    1. Please ask a friend to take measurements according to the measurement instructions below.
    2. Please provide tight measurements, our tailors will relax measurements to make a well-fitting suit for you according to your height, weight and our tailor’s rich clothing making experiences. You don’t need to relax any measurements. Just provide us all the measurements, all the rest will be done by our tailors perfectly. : )
    3. When you take the measurements, it is better that you wear only a well-fitting shirt and a well-fitting suit pants as our measurement model which is good for right measurements.
    4. Keep a relaxed and normal natural posture.
    5. Prepare one measuring tape.


    Step (1.2.2): Taking measurements


    .How to measure you Body Measurements.

    1. Neck Measurement

    · Measure around your neck at the height where your collar, if buttoned, would be.

    · This measurement should be taken along the lower section of the neck, below your Adams

    Apple and above your Sternal Notch.

    · The tape should be comfortably touching the skin, with enough room so that you do not feel restricted.

    · My Neck Measurement is ____.____ inches.

    Neck Measurements

    2. Full Chest Measurement

    · Measure around the chest and body at its fullest part (typically right under the armpits and shoulder blades,

    right across the nipples).

    · Hold the tape against the body tight enough so that it does not slip down, but not so tight that it restricts

    breathing. It should be ?snug?.

    · Make sure the tape is horizontal and the person’s arms are by their side; then take a normal breath

    and measure.

    · Do not puff out your chest

    · Double check this measurement.

    · My Full Chest Measurement is ____.____ inches.

    Full Chest Measurements

    3. Full Shoulder Width Measurement

    · Measure from the end of the right shoulder to the end of the left shoulder.

    · We define the ?End of the Shoulder? as where the horizontal plane of the shoulder intersects the vertical plane

    of the arm (see illustration).

    · Double check measurement.

    · My Full Shoulder Width Measurement is ____.____ inches.

    Full Shoulder Measurements

    4. Right Sleeve Measurement

    · Measure from the end of the right shoulder to the ?Pinch? of the right hand.

    · The ?Pinch? of the hand is found where the base of the thumb and the base of the index finger

    intersect (approximately 1 inch above the index finger knuckle).

    · Double check this measurement.

    · Right Sleeve Measurement is _____._____ inches.

    Right Sleeve length

    5.Left Sleeve Measurement

    · Measure from the end of the left shoulder to the ?Pinch? of the left hand.

    · Double check this measurement.

    · Left Sleeve Measurement is ______._____ inches.

    6. Bicep Measurement

    · Measure around the fullest part of the bicep with the arms by your side.

    · You need only measure one side.

    My Bicep Measurement is ______._____ inches.


    7. Wrist Measurement

    · Measure around the fullest part of the wrist.

    · You need only measure one side.

    · Wrist Measurement is ________._______ inches.



    8. Waist / Stomach Measurement

    · Measure around the fullest part of the waist/stomach or right below your bottom ribs, whichever is greater.

    · Jacket Waist Measurement is ________._______ inches.

    9. Hips/Seat Measurement

    · Measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.

    · My Hips/Seat Measurement is ________._______ inches.

    Hips Seat Measurements

    10. Front Jacket Length Measurement

    · Measure straight down the front from the base of the neck (right or left side) to the point level with

    your thumb knuckle.

    · My Front Jacket Length Measurement is ________._______ inches.

    Front Jacket Length


    15. Full Back Length Measurement

    · Measure from the base of the back of the neck to the floor.

    · We define the ?base of the back of the neck? as the point at which the 7th cervical bone is located. To easily find this point,

    have the person being measured tilt his head forward so that the ?knobby? bone at the base of the neck becomes obvious. Once located, you can have the person

    stand straight again and then measure.

    · No shoes please!

    · Double check this measurement.

    · Full Back Length Measurement is ______.______ inches.

    Full back Length

    16. Half Back Length Measurement

    · Measure from the base of the back of the neck to the top of the pants waistband area.

    · Half Back Length Measurement is ______.______ inches.

    half back Length measurements

    17. Trouser Waist Measurement

    · Measure around your waist at the level where you would normally wear your pants belt.

    · With the tape measure snug around your waist, relax, and take the measurement.

    · Trouser Waist Measurement is ________._______ inches.

    Trouser Waist Measurements

    18. Trouser’s Outseam Measurement

    · Measure from the top of your pant?s waistband to the floor along the outside of your leg.

    · Make sure the tape is tight, that you are standing straight, and then measure. No shoes please!

    · Double check this measurement.

    · Trouser?s Outseam Measurement is ______._____ inches.

    Pants Length Measurements

    19. Trouser’s Inseam Measurement

    · Measure from the lowest part of your crotch area to the floor.

    · Make sure the tape is tight along the inside of your leg, that you are standing straight, and then measure.

    No shoes please!

    · Trouser?s Inseam Measurement is ______.______ inches.

    inseam Length Measurements

    20. Crotch Measurement

    · Measure from the front top of the pant’s waistband to the back top of the pant’s waistband.

    · Make sure not to take this measurement too tight.

    · Crotch Measurement is ______._______ inches.

    Crotch Measurements

    21. Thigh Measurement

    · Measure around your thigh at its widest point.

    · You need measure only one side.

    · My Thigh Measurement is ______._______inches.


    22. Knee Measurement

    · Measure around your knee at its widest point.

    · You need only measure one side.

    · My Knee Measurement is ______._______inches.




    (18-20) Shape of body/shoulder/abdomen


    Step (1.2.3): Sending measurement information with pictures for referrence


    If possible, please provide also 3 body pictures (front, back and side view), this is perfect for our tailor to know your body form and make perfect well-fitting suit for you.

    You can send us body picture without showing your head as shown in the reference below.


    Step 2

    Step 2: Confirmation and production



    Well confirm your submitted information, please keep in touch after your order submission.


    Production of our custom made suits starts with measurements analysis, suits design and fine adjustment, then hand cut to sewing details, 90% of the process are hand made; each detail reflects the commitment of our senior tailors with more than 20 years experiences and senior designers with more than 15 years experiences.


    Each custom made suit usually takes 7-15 days of our dedication (In sepcial holidays, such as Chinese New Year or National holidays, there will be some little delaying):

    -280 steps for jacket
    -126 steps for pants
    -98 steps for fabric cut
    -36 steps for ironing
    -50 steps for quality check

    Step 3
    Step 3: Delivery



    Each suit will be folded carefully to protect its unique form and cleanness, so our customers can wear it directly after receiving them.

    Each suit will be packaged with a very solid corrugated paper box, so that they can remain very safe during the long international travel. Our experienced and professional forwarders will ensure that packages arrive on time and safely.


    Shipping date: Normally, the package will be sent out 7-15 days after receiving your payment order details confirmation. A tracking number will be given to you to monitor the status of your package.


    Forwarder and lead time: Most of our orders are by EMS or similar postal services, it usually takes 1 ~ 2 weeks to arrive in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, France, Italy , some Europe countries and so on. So after receive your payment and measurement, it will take totally about 2~4 weeks for you to get the item.

    If you need suit urgently, you can also contact us to arrange specially to meet your timeline.


    About Express delivery: If you want to use express delivery (such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT) to meet your timeline, we will check the shipping charge for you.

    Note: DHL/UPS/FEDEX Express usually take 3-5 working days to arrive at the destination. And it`s about 6-11 working days by EMS depending on the destination.


    Note: Usually, we make a lower declared value to help customer to avoid the tariffs. As different countries have different tariff policy, which we cant know all of them, please contact us if you need special treatment (such as you require a much lower declared value), we can try to help.





    We are a professional suit and clothing factory, have our own senior tailors.

    SaraWan is leader of custom made men suits, tailcoats, shirts on JustKoala.com. As an experienced manufacturer, we’ve been focusing on men’s clothing for several years. Our team is consisted of senior tailors with 20 years’ experiences, passionate and knowledgeable customer service team.

    Our long term commitment in customer satisfaction has made us the first choice for our customers, especially in wedding and B2B(local suits stores, startups). We’re also the largest player in premium men suits and dress shirts.


    Any questions about the items, please leave us message.

    All the messages will be replied within 24 hours in working days.

    Price Policy

    We offer the most attractive price to our customers, the current price is applicable to all most all of the cases. However, we hold the right to charge additionally in other cases, e.g. your design is much more complex, your suits require much more fabrics than common ones, you have a very very tight timeline for us.
    Custom Duty

    International buyers – Please note:

    (1) Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer`s responsibility.

    (2) How the import duty will be charged depends on each country`s custom policies.

    Please check with your country`s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding.


    We commit to the total customer satisfaction and want to bring you best buying experience.

    If you are happy with the item, please kindly share your unique experiences with us by leaving positive feedback. We really appreciate your support.

    If there is any problem with the item, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply you in 24 hours. A proper solution will be given ASAP. Please do not open disputes, or leave neutral or bad feedback about us without any communication. Thanks for your confidence in us.


    100-1 (9)










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