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60piece/set High Heel Shoes Repair Tips Pins for Women Down Lifts Shoe Replacement Taps Lady High Heels Stoppers Protector Kit

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    Size: Total length: 2.5cm/0.99in
    Nail length: 1.9cm/0.75in
    U shaped large: 1.25cm/0.49in * 1cm/0.39in (Length * Width)
    U shaped medium: 1.1cm/0.43in * 1cm/0.39in (Length * Width)
    U-shaped small: 0.9cm/0.35in * 1cm/0.39in (Length * Width)
    U-shaped special small: 0.9cm/0.35in * 0.9cm/0.35in (Length * Width)
    Round shaped: 1cm/0.39in (Diameter)

    The high heel tips is made of high quality TPU. It has strong hardness, not easy to break. Sole has anti-slip grain.

    Protect the shoe heel to prevent damage, make shoes more durable.

    U shape and round shape design, suittable for a lot of styles high heel shoes.

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