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1pcs/Box Magnetic Anti Snoring Nose Clip Reduce Snore Nasal Dilator Device Better Breath Relax Sleeping Antisnoring Solution Aid

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    1pcs/Box Magnetic Anti Snoring Nose Clip Reduce Snore Nasal Dilator Device Better Breath Relax Sleeping Antisnoring Solution Aid

    Anti-snore principle

    The instrument is an Anti-snore apparatus fitting a high-powered CMOS chip that effectually activates the trigeminal ending in nasal septum and transfer conduction. The chip is synthesized with the microelement from the magnetic element, so that the nasal has the physical therapy. The Anti-snore apparatus can improve the symptom of snoring patient whose aspiratory tract was blocked with stenosis of his nose, nasopharynx or uvulae. Thus his nasalcavity opens, he breathes smoothly and his snore was released.


    1. A high-powered chip was fitted in the anti-snore apparatus. The curative efficacy is very obvious.

    2. The product is made of imported FDA standard iatrical silica gel complex material and has approved CE marking. It is innocuous, odourless, without side effects, and being felt soft and non-eyewinker in use.

    3. There are gas-educing troughs at the both ends of the anti-snore apparatus making respiration smoother. Be due to the atmosphere kinetic principle, the anti-snore apparatus is pressed to the nasal septum.


    1. The anti-snore apparatus should be far from the objects with high temperature or high-powered magnetic, to avoid influencing the curative effect of the magnetic CMOS chip, and should be cleaned stored in the box after its use.

    2. Avoid cross-using (per apparatus only for one sufferer).

    Using method:

    Insert the globoids at the both ends of the anti-snore apparatus into nostrils entirely before sleeping, and press the bulgy localizer to the upper lip. (The height of the user’s pillow should not be higher than one side of your shoulders; no engorgement before sleeping.Suggestions: right side lying, in order to avoid pressing heart and affecting the blood circulation.)

    Easy to care for

    Clean it daily after use with mild soapy water and let it air-dry.
    The Package includes a little case, easy to carry and it does not look like a medical device!
    Unless you live alone, your snoring affects more than just you.
    Snoring impacts you spouse, partner, loved ones and house mates.
    To get more peaceful nights for you and everyone in your household, try the Anti snoring device NOW!
    Do yourself and your partner a favour and have a snore-free night of sleep every night with this innovative little snore stopper!
    Made from soft silicon, it’s extremely simple and painless to use, just clip it gently between the nostrils,


    Usually the product is effective within 2 years.


    small objects, choking hazard, not suitable for small children.

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