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10/20/50pcs Stationery Shop Nail 502 Instant Strong Adhesive Super Liquid Universal Shoe Repair Cyanoacrylate Glue 1ML/PC

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    Fast bonding of all kinds of metal, rubber, plastic, toys, wood, ceramics, jade, jewelry, handicrafts, sporting goods, electrical appliances, decorations, etc.


    1. Open the plastic nozzle with a needle drill. Don’t get close to your face when getting into the nozzle, and don’t over-pull or squeeze the tube.

    two。. First of all, remove oil, water, rust and paint from the joint surface, and the joint surface must be consistent.

    3. When in use, you only need to squeeze a small amount of strong glue on one side of the seam surface, and then press the other side, which can be firmly bonded within 11 to 20 seconds. Glue does not need to be evenly dispersed, and do not squeeze out too much glue, too much glue will affect the bonding effect.

    4. After use, wipe off the excess glue at the top of the test tube with a dry cloth, and then close the bottle cap.

    Points for attention:

    Watch out for glue dripping into your eyes and splashing entrance!
    Do not allow children to touch, so as to avoid danger!
    Pay attention to sticking to the skin and fingers!
    It is strictly forbidden to expose yourself to the sun and hot places. Please store it in the shade!

    Do not need to spread the glue evenly, do not extrude too much glue, the excess will affect the bonding effect

    The polymers in the glue rely on the pulling force between each other to bind the two objects tightly together. In the use of glue, too much glue will make the polymers in the glue crowded with each other.

    There is no good tension between polymers. Polymers are so crowded with each other that they do not form the strongest attraction to each other. At the same time, the water between polymers is not easy to volatilize.

    This is why in the bonding process, “the thicker the film, the worse the felting effect of the glue.” If you apply too much glue, the glue will be filled.

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